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  WireHopper helps CLECs find carriers to provide connections while new or existing lines are being built or having service difficulties.



What is WireHopper?
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What is Wirehopper?

New technologies are challenging the ILECs. Wireless, independent fiber lines, and satellite are allowing more companies direct access to customers. This web site bundles all these technologies into the term alternate media.

CLECs can take advantage of these technologies by using them to speed initial installations and provide survivable links. This reduces their dependence on the ILEC, and allows them to offer quick link recovery to their customers.

Alternate media carriers can profit from unused bandwidth by using it to support CLECs. Their equipment will carry customer traffic until the CLEC's line is up.

Customers will have their service up more quickly and have more choices for survivable links.

This site is a directory organized by geographic area of coverage and consisting of links to carriers that are willing to support CLECs.

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Wirehopper is a powerful telecommunications resource site. It has a directory of most major U.S. facilities-based carriers, a geographic search feature that allows you to search for carriers that serve specific areas. There is a network builder that can be used to create a network connecting many areas, listing the carriers that connect each area, a carrier/connection matrix, and carrier statistics that indicate the carriers that serve the most areas in the network. There is also a telecom traffic calculator that includes Erlang B and C, EngSet, Poisson, and Binomial functions. A forum, glossary, related links, and FAQ page are provided.

This is a free site, any facilities-based carrier can be listed, please contact the webmaster for details.

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